Fully Managed Clearance Solutions

A Fully managed clearance solution allowing you to be in the business of running your business.

We Deliver Pre-Brexit Simplicity by Carrying the increasing weight of Customs Complexity

Streamlined Processes and Compliance

Discover the power of Danmar Logistics’ fully managed customs clearance option, carefully tailored to your unique case. We understand that every business has its own workflows and requirements. That’s why we take a personalized approach, learning the ins and outs of your operations to provide a seamless customs experience. As your trusted partner, we become your invisible clearance team, working proactively to ensure compliance and optimize our service specifically for you. With our attention to detail and dedication to understanding your workflows, we catch opportunities to enhance our offering and provide you with a streamlined customs process that fits like a glove.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Experience significant time and cost savings with Danmar Logistics’ fully managed customs clearance service. By entrusting us with your customs requirements, you can offload the heavy lifting and focus on growing your business. Our team immerses themselves in your workflows, identifying potential bottlenecks and opportunities for optimization. Through our proactive approach, we expedite the clearance process, minimizing delays and ensuring efficient compliance. With our personalized service, you can allocate your resources where they matter most, confident in the knowledge that our dedicated team is handling your customs needs with utmost efficiency.

Expertise and Guidance

Danmar Logistics becomes your trusted partner when you choose our fully managed customs clearance option. We are dedicated to your success and take the time to understand your business processes inside out. This allows us to provide expert guidance tailored to your specific needs. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest regulations and industry trends, ensuring you receive informed advice every step of the way. We proactively seek opportunities to optimize our service to meet your evolving requirements, continuously refining our approach to maximize your customs efficiency. With Danmar Logistics as your invisible clearance team, you can confidently navigate the post-Brexit landscape, knowing that you have a partner who is committed to your success.


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Why and how we specialise…

Specializing in key areas is a great starting point for customs agents. It allows us to develop a deep understanding of specific regulations, ensuring accurate and efficient services. By focusing on these specialized areas, we can identify risks and discrepancies more effectively, providing our clients with precise and reliable customs clearance solutions.