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Danmar can be the team of experts your company requires for importing plants. We ensure smooth arrival of your freight.

Unburdening Your Business: Delivering Pre-Brexit Simplicity in the Face of Growing Phytosanitary and Customs Complexity

Comprehensive Support for Phytosanitary Certificates and DEFRA Compliance

Discover the comprehensive support we offer for phytosanitary certificates and DEFRA compliance, which stands as a key area of specialization at Danmar Logistics. Our team possesses the specialized expertise to guide you through the intricacies of obtaining phytosanitary certificates while ensuring strict adherence to DEFRA regulations. With our hands-on approach, we take a proactive and personalized stance, providing the necessary assistance to ensure a seamless and compliant process tailored to your unique needs.

Streamlined Processing for Large Phytosanitary Certificates

Experience streamlined and efficient processes for obtaining phytosanitary certificates with our dedicated assistance. We understand the importance of meticulous attention to detail and collaboration with various stakeholders throughout the certification process. By choosing our services, you can save valuable time and effort, as we take care of the entire process on your behalf. Our focus on a holistic approach ensures that we handle all administrative aspects, from meticulous document preparation to efficient communication with DEFRA. This allows you to concentrate on core business activities, knowing that your phytosanitary certificates are in capable hands.

Compliance Assurance and Peace of Mind – Your Trusted Partner in DEFRA Requirements

Partner with us to ensure compliance with DEFRA regulations and gain peace of mind. DEFRA’s strict guidelines aim to protect the environment and prevent the spread of pests and diseases. As your trusted partner, we stay up to date with the latest DEFRA requirements, ensuring that your phytosanitary certificates meet all necessary standards. Our expertise and meticulous approach guarantee compliance, minimizing the risk of delays, rejections, or penalties. We are especially proud and humbled by the fact that our services have been adopted by numerous companies in Holland, a region renowned for its high level of knowledge in plant clearance. The trust placed in us by Dutch companies validates our commitment to excellence, and we continue to enhance our services to meet their specific needs and maintain the standards they expect.


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Why and how we specialise…

Specializing in key areas is a great starting point for customs agents. It allows us to develop a deep understanding of specific regulations, ensuring accurate and efficient services. By focusing on these specialized areas, we can identify risks and discrepancies more effectively, providing our clients with precise and reliable customs clearance solutions.