Europa Warehouse Facilitates Beerwulf’s Ecommerce Success in the Beer Market

Europa Warehouse, a prominent 3PL logistics provider and part of the Europa Worldwide Group, has been instrumental in helping ecommerce brands like Beerwulf thrive in the rapidly growing beer market. With beer projected to be one of the fastest-growing segments in ecommerce, Europa Warehouse has played a pivotal role in supporting Beerwulf’s expansion.

Europa Warehouse operates from its award-winning integrated sites in Dartford, Birmingham, and Corby, boasting a total of 1,072,000 square feet of dedicated warehouse and logistics space. This extensive capacity allows them to cater to the specific needs of clients like Beerwulf.

Beerwulf, an online beer retailer owned by Heineken, specializes in providing home bar taps, kegs, and beer cases. The company has been partnering with Europa Warehouse since 2020, a strategic move that proved crucial as demand for its products surged during the lockdown, leading to a remarkable 150 percent increase in sales.

During the pandemic, people sought creative ways to recreate the pub experience at home due to restrictions on traditional socializing. Beerwulf responded quickly by collaborating with Europa Warehouse to expedite the distribution of goods, ensuring that customers remained connected with their favorite brewers and beers.

Europa Warehouse provided invaluable support by helping Beerwulf manage inventory challenges, allowing for a clear overview of stock levels. This data empowered them to meet the surging consumer demand more efficiently.

Furthermore, Europa Warehouse streamlined order fulfillment processes, making them more agile, dependable, and cost-effective for Beerwulf. They transitioned from holding bottled stock to prepacked beer compositions, boosting capacity and volume. In addition, they integrated certain product categories from Beerwulf’s previous UK 3PL logistics provider into their existing stock.

One of the primary challenges for Beerwulf has always been the high cost of doing business, especially with bulky, heavy products and slim profit margins. Europa Warehouse proved to be the right partner, offering industry expertise and a flexible, hands-on approach to support Beerwulf’s growth.

As the initial surge in demand stabilized post-Covid, Europa and Beerwulf collaboratively planned to maximize warehouse capacity. Throughout 2021, their focus was on expanding their space and tailoring processes to meet this objective. This culminated in the Black Friday sales peak in November 2021, where daily capacity soared by over 3,000 percent, handling a total keg volume of more than 40,000 in a single day.

Despite the unprecedented demand, Europa Warehouse continued to deliver top-quality services while adapting to significant fluctuations.

Since then, the partnership has aimed to achieve a sustainable maximum capacity throughout the warehouse, with a flexible team and a solid foundation to navigate changing volume demands.

In its journey from a startup to a scale-up, Beerwulf has worked closely with Europa Warehouse to implement a new, tech-savvy operational interface at its warehouse facility. This embraces the latest technology to optimize production flow and pick rates for maximum efficiency.

All three of Europa Warehouse’s sites in Corby, Birmingham, and Dartford are approved by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and equipped with system integration and customized IT solutions. Their service range includes e-commerce fulfillment, production services, inventory management, packing, labeling, special deliveries, final assembly, quality control, and critical parts management.

Europa Worldwide Group, the parent company, is a dynamic independent logistics operator with three divisions: Europa Road, Europa Air & Sea, and Europa Warehouse. Notably, the group has been featured in The Sunday Times Top Track 250 for three consecutive years and has invested £5 million in Europa Flow, a groundbreaking product facilitating frictionless goods flow between the EU and the UK post-Brexit. The company employs over 1,400 people across 29 international sites in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Europe, Hong Kong, China, and the UAE, with a recent record turnover of £302 million as of August 2022.

Based in Amsterdam, Beerwulf recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. This ecommerce platform offers consumers a one-stop-shop for bringing the bar experience home, featuring unique home bar taps, kegs, accessories, and curated beer cases. Beerwulf operates in ten European markets, and its collaboration with Europa Warehouse has been instrumental in its growth and success in the competitive ecommerce beer market.

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