Members of the Michelin fleet panel are advocating for an acceleration in progress toward more sustainable tyres to mitigate their environmental impact.

During an event in Wakefield, Martin Thompson, the chair of the fleet panel, discussed Michelin’s ambitious goal of utilizing 100% sustainable materials in its tyres by 2050, with a interim target of 40% by 2030. He urged the industry to accelerate progress in this direction. Thompson emphasized the need for better education among fleet managers and customers, stressing the importance of extracting maximum performance from each tyre to minimize raw material wastage. He advocated for awareness that it is safe to use tyres down to the 1.6mm legal tread depth limit.

The panel members also highlighted the necessity for the industry to focus on analysing tyre wear on electric vehicles (EVs), noting that the current lack of data hinders informed buying decisions. Thompson mentioned the importance of sharing data on tyre wear with customers, especially for leasing and rental companies, to expedite the transition to EVs. Michelin is actively manufacturing tyres designed specifically for EVs to address issues related to tyre wear and battery range.

Lorna McAtear, the head of fleet at National Grid, pointed out misconceptions surrounding EVs, particularly the belief that all tyres wear out more quickly on electric vehicles. She stressed the industry’s responsibility to dispel such myths and deliver clear messaging to ensure EV owners have high-performing and safe tyres without incurring additional costs compared to tyres for traditional internal combustion-engined vehicles.

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